Don Loyd

The Perfect Real Estate Storm

Have you bought into the negative hysteria about real estate?

Like you, I have heard that it’s not the same anymore, you can’t get financing, and it’s in the tank.

Whatever you believe about real estate, as an

investment you will be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

Despite all that has happened over the past four or five years, there has never been a better time to take a good serious look at real estate.

Real estate has helped create more millionaires than any other business on the planet. Money will always be in real estate.

The rules have changed, and it looks like a different game, but it really is the same one.

One real estate proponent (sorry, lost his name) gives us some reasons to invest in real estate on which I have added some comments:

Real estate allows you to create large paydays in a single transaction. A new car, or vacation, or ???, is one transaction away. Instead of thinking, “I can’t afford it,” you can now think, “How can I complete one transaction?”

You can operate your business without employees or renting office space. I have owned businesses in which I had a staff of personnel. The costs were mind boggling. If you have a computer, printer and phone, you can be in the real estate business.

You can make money without EVER purchasing any property. It was Nelson Rockefeller, former US Vice President for President Gerald Ford, and at the time one the wealthiest men in America, who said: “The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.”

You don’t have to go get bank loans.
There are various options available for those who desire to purchase real estate. Although the federal government is trying its best to curtail private lending, you can still engineer a transaction in which both parties win.

Despite what many people think, you don’t need good credit. While good credit may increase your options, it’s not mandatory. Some of the most profitable transactions I’ve completed have been in situations where I didn’t need a good credit rating.

You don’t need your own capital. Newbie real estate investors are always surprised to learn this little secret. When structured properly, there are investments ready today that need little or no cash from you.

It can almost instantly give you the lifestyle of you desire. While this point is a bit of an exaggeration, the principle is sound. Real estate investing is a business. As such, you need a plan in place. When you work your plan, it is possible to earn as much income as you desire.

When you add into the mix that we have the lowest real estate interest rates in recent history, low rental vacancies and low real estate prices, you have an opportunity not available for decades.

Real Estate Brokers, if financial security is your goal, you will make much more money if you invest in real estate instead of selling it – PLUS you can get a commission when you buy. I have purchased a lot of real estate and got my fee, too.

If you are interested, broker or investor, I have a new educational opportunity in which various investing methods will be taught.

You can read about the BY CLICKING HERE. Our first Lunch and Learn meeting will be held on Thursday, June 21st/ at noon to 1 PM.

The purpose of the group is education, support and networking for real estate investors or those who want to be one. We have nothing to sell or promote.

Some of the topics we will talk about include:

Getting Started
“Nothing Down” Purchases
“Flipping” Properties
Refurbishing & Rehabbing
Finding Bargain Properties
Writing Contract Offers
Building profitable partnerships
Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers
Buying Discounted Notes & Mortgages
Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks
1031 Exchanges & Other Tax Issues
Landlording & Property Management
Using Self-Directed IRAs
Lawsuit Protection & Legal Issues
How to find money for deals
Creative Financing

Some of the Benefits of attending our group include, in part:

Gaining knowledge about investment practices
Getting hot tips about available commercial or rental properties
Becoming familiar with laws and regulations
Understanding market trends and how to profit from them
Trading information about vendors for property improvements and services
Getting free advice of legal and financial professionals
Finding a supportive group of like-minded individuals with common goals

You are welcome to sign up (no charge) and take part in the discussion.

CLICK HERE and sign up today.

Recomendations for Don

“Don Loyd is a champion.  He has the ability to conceptualize ideas and successfully implement them.  Similarly, he has the ability to help others move ideas from mere possibilities to reality.  A unique character trait of Don’s is his ‘100 percent positive perspective in life.’  Don realizes that we are each individually responsible for our mental quality of life.  This attitude has helped him rise above numerous adverse circumstances to become a successful realtor, author and mentor.”  Jeff Ings, BGJJ,LLC

“Don has the heart of a teacher and knows how to motivate and educate those around him. His character and tenacity are traits I enjoy surrounding myself with. I've experienced Don the Builder, the Realtor,the Speaker and the Educator and would gladly work with him again in any of these arenas.” Eric Hardenbrook  Owner, HardenbrookEnterprises Inc.

“I have known Don on three levels over the past 20 or more years: a fellow Real Estate Agent, secondly when he was the Broker/Owner of a Real Estate Company and I was an Agent, and thirdly as a friend, perhaps the most important!  On all three levels, I found him to be personable, and loyal. He’s a person of high integrity and high standards. Don is one of the most creative/innovative, ‘outside the box" thinkers, I have ever encountered!  He is a great teacher, and I have always been awed by his broad spectrum of knowledge!  Most of all, he practices what he preaches/teaches.  A great guy to have on yourside!” TerryDwyer, Real Estate Broker/Business Owner

“Don is a very energetic and creative individual. He has a tremendous wealth of knowledge in many aspects of real estate – brokerage, development, financing, construction to name a few. His creativity extends beyond real estate to business ventures in general. He is very optimistic and upbeat regardless of the economic turmoil we are operating in. He is also interested in helping others succeed and achieve their personal goals. To that end he has authored a number of books and is involved with small groups focused on real estate investing as well as personal development like improving ones presentation skills for example. Having a conversation with Don will make one feel better about life regardless of the topicor situation.” Marvin Kau, VP of Brokerage / Principal Broker, Bluestone &Hockley Real Estate Services

"I first met Don in 1983 and we became close friends. This is what I have learned about him: Don is one of the most energetic, motivated and goals driven men I have ever known.   He isn't one to shrink in the face of challenge.  What I find mos timpressive is his natural ability and desire to encourage others to move beyond their own mediocrity, to embrace a higher and nobler goal never before imagined." Glen Pierpoint, Pierpoint Properties, LLC

“I've known Don for four years. As an investor and The Real Estate Investor's Lawyer, I've had the opportunity to see several of his real estate investments. I've always been impressed with the quality of his deals, his creativity and ability to locate profitable opportunities. I give him my highest recommendation.” Jeff Lerman, Partner, Lerman Law Partners, LLP

“Don comes with my highest regards. He is smart, caring, a person of strong of character and has a wealth of knowledge and great sense of humor. He's always looking on how to move the string uphill to achive the greatest results for all involved. I highly recommend that people spend time with Don and get to know him, as l have. We all will be better off for it.” Gerry R. Nelson, MBA-G&G Connections LLC (and Number 32, former catcher for the Boston Red Socks)

“Don Loyd has proved to be not only a trustworthy and loyal business associate but a very true and loyal friend. Don is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in business and has a proven track record of starting, building, and running several successful businesses.I value Don as a friend and always seek his counsel when contemplating major business decisions. He really knows how to get things done and will be an asset to any business or client that seeks his services.” Bruce Kapp, Investor and Speaker

“I have had the privilege of getting to know Don Loyd as a business acquaintance recently.  Don impressed me immediately with his positive attitude - very refreshing.  Don has the qualities that attract positive energy and he is always willing to share his knowledge without being presumptuous.  Anyone who has the opportunity to align themselves with Don will be well on their way to making it a great day!”  Jean Washechek   (BusinessAcquaintance)

“Don and I joined forces to identify and implement potential marketing and sales strategies for a national start-up company called Salus Marketing. I found Don to be highly intelligent, determined and a problem solver. He was constructive in his business recommendations and alway swilling to jump in to deliver results.” Karl Edmunds, Vice President, Frank Lynn & Associates

“Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative. Don comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients.
 I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first". You would be doing yourself a favorto align yourself with Don as I have.” Carl White (client)

 “I am recommending Don for his commitment to get results. He cares about his clients in every way. Don will take the time to listen to your needs and respond accordingly. He is and has always been about what is right for his client first and does not expect to get paid unless he performs his duties to the satisfaction of his clients. You will be well served to allow Don do what he does best., getting results.” Jim Glazier, President/Owner, JG Home Solutions

“I worked with Don at Salus Marketing and got to know him pretty well. He was Director of Sales Communication and I served as the National Recruiter. I found him to be a creative, talented partner who was always ready to step up to the plate and do what was needed. I found him to be selfless, a problem solver, and recommendhim because he cares about the quality of his clients and the overall good ofhis co-workers.” Stephen A. Tabb,CFEd